Health and Wellness Circle (definition):  Gathering of people to re-discover, revive and provide Safe spaces for Non-Conventional modalities and practices of healing and wellness for individuals and care-givers that engender deep understanding of our body’s natural balance and how its natural intelligence directs self-healing.


This is a timely and fitting response of The Nursing Office to the fragmented, disjointed, partial, uni-dimensional, even conflicting practices of modern medical practice, not to mention the pernicious side-effects of current drug therapies. As part of the larger global movement of alternative healing, this initiative seeks to offer a model of comprehensive, integrated, systemic and multi-dimensional approaches for total health and well-being.

Back to Basics. Heal Thyself Naturally.


“Your health is primarily your concern, not the physician’s concern. The medical care system is only there to help you in restoring and maintaining your health, however, in modern times the conventional medical care system has become exceedingly expensive, highly technical, extremely specialized and unnecessarily complicated. It depends entirely upon intricate tests, expensive high-tech machines, powerful drugs and surgical intervention.  As a result you, the lay person, can hardly be expected to help yourself or your dear ones in health matters.


The problem is compounded by the newer discoveries that are made by researchers everyday and the numerous hypotheses that are continuously put forward. They not only confuse the laymen; they also tell the public that the subject of health is beyond their comprehension or reach. This is how the modern medical care system projects itself to the people.


On the other hand, there are so many simple functional disorders like allergies, the common cold, bad breath, irritable bowels, constipation, backaches, eczemas, dandruff, etc., that medical science hopelessly fails to heal. Whereas some of the discoveries of modern medical science (as in surgery) are admirable, there are too many reasons to be dissatisfied with the advances in drug therapy The people not only fear the costs and complications, but there is an underlying feeling that modern medical practice itself is flawed. For such reasons, in spite of the enormous research in the field of modern medicine, there is now a growing interest in the simple alternatives offered by holistic therapies… the only purpose is to EMPOWER YOU, the consumer of healthcare, with insights on healthy lifestyle and self-healing.”

(Excerpts from Preface by the Author, Healing Without Drugs: A Simple Solution To Your Health Problems, Prashant S. Shah, BS Chemistry, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; MS &PhC, University of California, Revised 2nd edition, May 2015, http://spiritual-living-in)