Ludy Resurreccion: Program Director at work


Enter the Dragon: "Birthing" the Dragon


It started with a whimper and ended with a bang. No thought came of how it would look like as we stared at our wall space filled with sundry stuff and finally decided to clear it up for our planned painting September exhibition.


Along came an auspicious wind from New Jersey and Davao City in the person of Victor Bong Espinosa, a native, home-grown artist looking for lodging in the final month before he goes back home, bringing an impressive mural with an intriguing title, “Intercultural Dialogue,” along with some medium to small art works. 


On the 17th of September, seeing the blank wall space, TNO Visual Arts Director Bien Banez and Bong Espinosa started installing the art works. Of course, the 8.5 feet tall mural came first as centerpiece. Then slowly the “Sarimanok Chants” and “Sarimanok Swirls,” oil & acrylics on canvas went, on each side of the mural. Then 9 pen & ink drawings “Untitled Series” were posted by 3’s on bare spaces, along with the 8-series “Mother Nature,” filling up the left panel space. Opposite these works, the small 6-series acrylic on canvas “Oriental Swirls” found the walls flanking closet and bath doors. Then the newly minted 4-piece “Southern Sun” oils on handmade paper found its niche in between a glass-paneled door and divider. Voila! The gallery was born!  But, by what name will it be known?


Naming the Gallery


Bien’s first gasp was “DRAGON!” Like the corporate name of The Nursing Office, Four Dragon Global Network, Inc. The dragon, in Chinese culture, symbolizes excellence, boldness, perseverance, divinity, power, valiancy, heroism and nobility. The dragon continues to overcome until it finds success. It is decisive, intelligent, energetic, optimistic and ambitious.  It also represents the Kundalini, the primordial energy of life in the Universe.


Inspired and stimulated by dragon energy, Bien, the Filipino surrealist & visionary, started drawing “D” and “G” on paper, and the next day rendering his artistic idea on computer color graphics with dragons curled into a “D” and “G” poised like they are talking to each other.


Ludy texted Myrna that Bien baptized it as “Dragon Gallery New York.” To which Myrna replied, “There’s More to Art!”  


Another day of coloring graphics with the name and sub-title occupied Bien until shapes, colors, words blended harmoniously all together in one impressive scenario. One accidental blue blob turned into one of many “orbs” floating around the “D” and “G” dragons, finessing the surroundings with ethereal ambiance. The dragons now look like they came from the sky!


Gallery opening was scheduled on September 30, 2016. Announcement flyer was laid out by TNO’s support IT technician, Jay’R D. Suba. In three days, the Dragon Gallery flyer was emailed, posted on FaceBook, and other social media. 


Two weeks after installation, Dragon Gallery New York unveiled its first art exhibit as scheduled, with artists, supporters, and friends gracing the event.  The mural, “Intercultural Dialogue” intrigued viewers with its myriad of human faces, prompting one viewer to ask, “How many faces can you see on this painting?”  This opens the conversation and starts the ‘dialogue’ between people:  what art is, what do you feel art is, how art mirrors life, or even, how life mirrors art itself.


While Kulintang music played, the mural inspired a meditative ethnic dance, “Pangalay” from Southern Philippines, as well as photo-ops in ensuing days, for Rajah Humabon and Hara Humani and other characters from Las Islas Filipinas zarzuela, “Ang Pagdating ng Krus at Espada.”  The inspired juxtaposition of art, music, dance and artistic discourse is proof indeed that “there’s more to art.”


Most fortunately for Artist Bong Espinosa, three of the paintings/series were sold and Bong had enough pasalubong for his family and friends when he left October 6 for Davao City.  Two more pieces are still being considered by TNO friends, as these art works are still on the walls of Dragon Gallery New York.


Bong continues to serve as The Nursing Office Extended Arts Program Coordinating Artist Consultant from his base in the Philippines. To know all about Bong, go to and his website:


(Lutgarda Resurreccion,October, 2016)


Definition of Terms and Provisions

The Nursing Office (TNO) – The Nursing is a broad coalition of individuals & organizations focused on taking care of nurses, their families and communities, by creating, organizing, collaborating, and supporting health & wellness circles in private, public and business arenas.

Four Dragon Global Network, Inc.(FDGN) – the legal corporation or entity that is doing business as The Nursing

The Nursing Office Extended Arts is one of TNO’s departments that deal with all matters supporting its mental health initiatives, programs and services by promoting a culture of self expression and providing a safe haven for creativity.

Dragon Gallery New York is an independent entity, organization under the umbrella of TNO that provides online and physical venues to showcase works of art, visual, performing, and miscellaneous art forms and expressions for both native and international artists.

Exhibitor/Artist is the individual whose works are of his own and original creation and upon agreeing to the guidelines of TNO/ Dragon Gallery is hereby given the privilege to exhibit and display in this venue. 

FDGN/TNO provides the physical venue of the Dragon Gallery, which is located at 115-03 Atlantic Avenue, Richmond, Hill NY 11418.


All artwork must be professionally presented. Work must be clean, in sturdy condition, and wired for hanging. Works must be ready to hang. Works on canvas do not need to be framed, but if framed must be of a professional standard.


Artists are required to provide tags to accompany each art work submitted for exhibition. Each artwork must be labeled on the back of the art as well.  (title, medium, artist name and price) for inventory and commission purposes.

Participants should provide an Artists Bio (typical information includes art studies, place of birth and residency, exhibition exposure, mediums, uniqueness of technique, art awards, fellowships.)


The Exhibitor will bear all local costs incurred in presenting the Exhibition, including, but not limited to, on-site insurance coverage; promotion, publicity, previews, unpacking and repacking the Exhibition on the Gallery's premises, installation costs, storage, educational programs, entertainment, and receptions.


Exhibitor is responsible for all copyright clearance related to the exhibition. The Gallery reserves the right to take pictures for publicity purposes or for inclusion in the websites/ archives. These photographs are for historical purposes and have no commercial value.If the Exhibitor is planning a reception with food or beverage in conjunction with an exhibition, they must coordinate with the Gallery admin for both catered and self-catered on-Gallery events.


We encourage the Artists to keep a supply of business cards, contact information and a guest book on the pedestal. If a work is sold during the show, it must remain with the show until the show’s conclusion.



The Gallery will not be providing print postcards for the exhibitions, however the artist is welcome to make their own.


Costs associated with the design, production and direct costs of distribution of promotion materials and opening reception is the responsibility of the artist(s)


Exhibitions will be installed by the artist(s) with assistance from the Dragon Gallery staff. If special requirements are necessary for the installation of an exhibition then the artist(s) will work on it to ensure safe and appropriate installation without damaging the gallery walls. Artists will be responsible for any additional costs if specialized assistance or equipment is required.


Work for inclusion should be delivered in the week preceding the exhibition and will be returned whenever convenient in the week following the exhibition’s close.

Artists may also submit a sheet of details about themselves and/or their work. This will be typed up for display. Artists are responsible for transporting their work to and from the gallery,



  • The exhibitor shall have access to and use of the venue during a time scheduled between the User and the Gallery for the purpose of installing, hosting, and de-installing the exhibition.
  • The exhibitor will maintain Gallery hours that coincide with Shop open and closed hours, with the exception of installation and de-installation.
  • The exhibtor agrees to make all arrangements for packing, shipping, delivery, installation and de-installation under the supervision of the primary supervisor, curator, or installer.


  • The exhibitor will not alter the Gallery space or contents unless the User has been granted expressed and written permission. This means no painting, holes, or other modifications or adjustments to the ceiling, walls, windows, and floors, or to exhibition cases, if provided.
  • The exhibitor shall remove all personal property, trash, and other items that were not present in the venue when the User took control of it.
  • The exhibitor will be responsible and financially liable for any repair to or replacement of Gallery property (beyond normal wear and tear) as determined by fair market value of goods or services.
  • The Gallery is lit by spotlights operating from lighting tracks.All technology including video screens, monitors, are the responsibility of the Gallery.
  • Installation and removal ofAll paintings, drawings, and photographs must be framed, wired, and ready for hanging using the installed wire hanging system. Artists accepted for exhibit must have enough work to aesthetically fill the space. Artists must supply their own labeling, which should be mounted to do no damage to gallery walls. Labeling may include title, medium, date of creation, etc.


The Gallery will take all reasonable measures to ensure the security of the Exhibition while at its premises, including protection from the dangers of fire, smoke, water damage, loss, theft, and vandalism; however, the Gallery is an unstaffed space. Moreover, the exhibitor is ultimately responsible for the security and safety of the Exhibition while it is in the Gallery. The exhibitor also agrees to confer concerning security matters beyond regular care relating to the Exhibition while on its premises.

If any item is damaged, lost, stolen, or subject to emergency procedures, or , if there is any change in the condition of any item, the User will immediately report such event.

The Gallery will ensure the walls will be ready for hanging prior to installation of work. At the end of exhibition, the artist will be expected to return the space and walls to the same “ready to hang” condition.



The Marketing and Sales of Arts will be encouraged and supervised by Dragon Gallery. Sales will be for the individual artist. A portion of the net sales or equivalent to 10% will be donated to FDGN/TNO



If an artist or group is offered an exhibition at the Dragon Gallery they will have 2 weeks to accept or decline the offer. If accepted, an Exhibition Agreement Form must be completed and returned to the Gallery by the deadline.



The Dragon Gallery reserves the right to cancel the exhibition if the conditions described in the exhibition guidelines have not been met by the user in a reasonable amount of time or if communication between the user and the library exhibit program committee ceases.





Myrna D. Santos, Director/ Dragon Gallery    


Lutgarda Resurreccion/ Program Director/Dragon Gallery


Conforme:/ Exhibitor


Through our interactive style and deeper analysis and perspectives, Dragon Gallery New York gives more meaning to just a gallery of arts. It has given us discoveries, creativities after creativities, a cycle of endless connections from visual arts to performance arts and its social relevance,we found the greatest AHA moments of truth that "There is More to Art"! 



The whole idea of Taking Care. The love of a mother or a father, or a grandmother, or a sister. We don’t know, we just see hands, for a little girl, the love for nature, the love for beautiful things, like a white linen tablecloth, and the artists work to share this care and love. Artists are more important than ever to remind us of this primordial emotion if not an orchestra of phenomena about love.

~MDS, 04/2020

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