Bienvenido Bones Banez: Self Portrait


NYC, Nov 14,2016



On November 19, 2016, The Dragon Gallery New York unveils its 2nd Art Exhibit “SATANIC DESIRE” by showcasing the work of Bienvenido “Bones” Banez, Jr., the Filipino surrealist whose works have been hailed by the international art world as one of the best surrealist/visionary works that exist today.


The Thanksgiving Dinner & Art Show will feature Dinner with the Devil, served by Enrico’s Foods, on Saturday, November 19, 3:00 – 5:00 pm.  This event also highlights the pre-launching of the PCCSA Philippine Community Center Services for Aging, headed by Consuelo Almonte.  For details, see .


The Exhibit will run from November 19 until December 11, 2016, at Dragon Gallery New York, 115-03 Atlantic Avenue, Richmond Hill, NY  11418.



This is the mural work created by Bienvenido “Bones” Banez, Jr. for this exhibit. 

Symbolically, satanic desire refers to world’s greed for power, domination and control, sexual abuse of children & women, human trafficking for slavery, destruction and suffering in wars waged for profits of big financial conglomerates of governments & corporations. Such so-called “Satanic desires” emanate from our lower human nature, the ‘animal’ part that is often forbidden by social and cultural or religious norms.  All the dire consequences of satanic desires are catapulting the world into an Armageddon as prophesied biblically. Discovering our other half, the dark side of human nature is splashed into one’s visual consciousness in a glorious display of gorgeous and grotesque colors and shapes that clearly echoes what Andre Breton had definitively declared: “Beauty must be convulsive, or nothing!


Terrance Lindall, foremost illustrator of the great English poet John Milton’s Paradise Lostmasterpiece, connected with Bien’s works and found support and tremendous affinity when Bien confirmed that “Satan brings color to the world.”  They also realized that scenes in Bien’s major works serendipitously mirrored the grandeur and poignancy of Milton’s masterpiece, and coupled with Lindall’s illustrations,  were bringing alive for this generation, the “brilliance and eloquence of Milton’s visionary poetic landscape,” as commented by Dr. Robert J. Wickenheiser (“John Milton’s Paradise Lost,” Synopsized and Illustrated by Terrance Lindall, ©Yuko Nii Foundation, 2012).  This friendship with another great artist  has established Bien in the annals of great art existentially juxtaposing with poetry, music, and dance.


ABOUT THE ARTIST:  Bienvenido “Bones” Banez, Jr. holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the Ford Academy of the Arts in Davao City. He also served as associate professor at the Ford Academy and the Philippine Women’s College – Davao, Philippines.  In 2002 he won the Asian Fellowship Painting Competition of the Vermont Studio Center, Vermont USA, and has since lived in the US, particularly in New York City. 

In 2004 he was the lone Filipino who qualified at the world’s largest ever surrealist exhibition held at Williamsburg Arts and Historical Center (WAH), one of the largest artist communities in New York.  The internationally juried show entitled, “Brave Destiny” was organized by Terrance Lindall, president of WAH Center, who described Bien Banez as “the greatest living surrealist in the Philippines.”


Other works of the Artist could be accessed at . .


“There’s More to Art” : The Spirituality in Surrealism 

On January 26, 2013, Bienvenido Bones Banez gave an extemporaneous piano recital, “The Satanic Rhapsody,” followed by Terrance Lindall expounding, also extemporaneously, on the “peculiar graces” of Satan in extrapolating from Bien’s now-famous dictum that “Satan gives color to the world.”

…… Well, what does that mean exactly?  It means that all of the strife and everything in the world inspires poets, writers, artists.  If you go to a museum, you’ll see a lot of that.  If you read a book, books from the 16th century on, it’s all about conflict and war, love and hatred, all these things, competition --- well, that’s Satan-inspired.

Bien’s statement sounds rather disturbing, initially, but Lindall sets it within the context of the quasi-orthodox position known as the felix culpa, or “fortunate fall.”  The basic idea is that without Satan’s role in bringing about the fall, Christ would never have taken on flesh to take on humankind’s sins, but in order for Satan to ‘cooperate’ with God’s aims--- whatever Satan’s intentions--- Satan has to be graced by God with certain gifts, Satan’s “peculiar graces.”

--- From the Blog of Professor Horace Jeffery Hodges ( , “Satan’s Peculiar Grace,” Terrance Lindall, WAH Center.

Ludy Resurreccion, Program Director/Nov, 2016


The Satanic Verses

Of Bienvenido Bones Banez, Jr.

As Revealed to Terrance Lindall


BOOK 1   (Excerpt)


Religious and Mundane at Once,

Presentations of these Visions have harmonies,

Of line, shape, form, space, and colors

That bring the other realm into our own,

World of experiences and beyond!


Our great inspiration like Satan,

Making himself a god,

His being, a Cherub!

Satan the Devil puffed up with pride!

Like a Rock Star,

A Superstar in this world 666!!!


Satan, “Perfect in Prettiness,"

“Full of Wisdom.”

“Perfect with Beauty”

Faultless in his ways,

Until unrighteousness was found in him.


In the eye of the World!

A good example!

Man borrowed his lifestyle,

In a perfect craft,

Opposed to God’s ways!

Warlords, Artists, Scientists, Politicians,

Preachers and Money Men!

Gods, Geniuses, Kings, Idols,

Queens, Prophets, and Goddesses:

In this World of Paradise Lost!


Satan the Devil, the chief Adversary of God,

People of the World follow his footsteps

Independent from God!  Rebellious!

Enticed the First Woman to eat the forbidden!

And you are bound to be like God!

Knowing good and bad.”


Adam and Eve joined I his rebellion,

And Lost Paradise!

And the God sent Adam

By this means this wicked spirit creature raised himself,

Higher than God in Eve’s eyes,

And Satan became her God!


Then Satan brought Adam and Eve under his leadership,

Standing up as a rival god,

Bringing death upon the world,

Upon the sinner,Slave to sin.


Satan the Devil tempter,

Well designated “the original serpent!”


Out of the Paradise of Pleasure,To till the Earth,

From which he was taken, Adam, Progenitor,

Symbol of the succession of Seven Powers.

And his wife, symbol,Mother of the World Religions.


And these are the revelations of modern times,

Paradise Lost!!!

Our era!  The Great Tribulation!


And we are lost,

In this world of sucking colors,

Swallowing every soul!!!

666, it’s a human number,

In nature a curse,

Part of Human Imperfection!!


AHA  Moments (The Moment of Truth)

"The Realities in Surrealism"

"How to Live with the Devil"

"Putting God in our Midst"

The Growing up of the Fil-Am audience: Readiness to Accept and Appreciate

The Commoners vs The Surrealists 


Multi Dimensional Media of "Satanic Desire"

(The Genius of Bienvenido Bones Banez)

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  • Musical Art (Satanic Rhapsody)
  • Poetry (Satanic Verses)
  • Photography
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                                                            Satanic Rhapsody


Bienvenido Bones Banez' Other Works

The Devil Within 09.16.2017 WAH Center, Brooklyn, NYC