Graphical Presentations of Inter-Cultural Dialogue


Inspired, informed, and initiated by the terrain and peoples of Mindanao in the Philippines, the Artist seeks to show their survival struggles amidst oppressive structures of dominant westernized Christian cultures, as he visualized during travels back from the Philippines to the U.S. In general the Artist describes his work as “Neo-Ethnic” in genre.  “It is modern yet so pristinely native in appearance. You can see the integral elements of local culture via the diversities.  In this artwork there is a concept of fusion and artistic evolution, especially certain images that portray the enduring premise on the humanity issues.  Its content points out an aspect of reality where human endeavors create a passage of life.” 


Interestingly, this artwork was Bong’s First Outdoor Exhibit in a 1-day fundraising event 2010 called “High Ice Tea @ 3”organized by the Associates in Mental Health & Disabilities (AMHD) in Berkeley, NJ.