Ludy Resurreccion with Emil Ramos
Myrna Santos, Chief Nurse/ The Nursing Office and Rhodora Ursua, ED/ Kalusugan Coalition, Woodside, Queens, NY
Ludy Resurrection, Program Director/ The Nursing Office and Pam Santos, ( Leading Youth to Find Empowerment) at FAHSI

Safe Patient Handling: SMART Nursing

Patient handling has always been an ergonomic hazard in the workplace.  According to the American Association of Nurses (ANA), evidence-based research done in the past decade showed that practicing proper body mechanics alone is not enough to protect the health worker from injuries.  Patient handling tasks is the primary cause of high incidence of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), bringing about lost work time, prolonged need of medical care and permanent disability among the health care workers more than any work-related injury or illness.

Breaking the Cycle

This is a very important aspect of nursing practice because of its implications to patients, nurses and the institution. Nurses should be educated first to have awareness so that they can integrate the knowledge to their clinical practice, hereby ensuring safety to their patients and themselves and reducing costs to healthcare.  

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