Nerve Assist Training


 Something Can Be Done About It - 

A “Nerve Assist” May Be What You Need


-          by Rev. John Carmichael, New York Coordinator, Scientology Volunteer Ministers


     Being trained in medicine, nurses are able to get scientific treatment applied to the body.   Being compassionate and trained in observation, most nurses know there are mental (or more properly, spiritual) factors which can influence the comfort of the patient and the speed of recovery.


     The Nerve Assist is a procedure developed by the founder of the Scientology religion, writer and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard.   “Assist” is the term he coined for techniques used to help handle the spiritual factors connected with acute conditions, such as illness, injury, and trauma.  These methods are currently being used internationally by people of all faiths, especially in disaster response, but also by nurses and other medical personnel who want to speed recovery.


    The Nerve Assist is an assist which can straighten joints and the spine.  Chiropractic spinal adjustment is often successful.  But sometimes the spine goes out of place and has to be adjusted time after time.  The Nerve Assist was actually developed as a favor to chiropractors, many of whom now use it.


     Nurses have also used it with patients, as a safe, drugless way to help them relax, and since the process can be learned in an hour or even less, they often use it with one another to ease the tensions of the day, after work or even during breaks, so that they can remain alert.   A research nurse from Southeast Asia’s largest hospital applied the assists to disaster victims after the Myanmar typhoon recently, and wrote a paper on its effectiveness in helping victims of the disaster regain physical and mental comfort.   


    Countless mothers, fathers, firefighters and emergency personnel have used the Nerve Assist to help people recover from fatigue and trauma.


     This and other assists are described in the Scientology Handbook, used to train people in the use of these techniques in disasters, and everyday situations.   The Handbook gives this summary of the basic theory of a Nerve Assist:


     “According to our theory, it is nerves that hold the muscles tense, which then hold the spine out of place. 


    “There are twelve big nerves which run down a person’s spine, spreading out from the spine across both sides of the shoulders and back.  These twelve nerves branch out into smaller nerve channels and nerve endings.  Nerves affect the muscles, and can, if continually tensed, pull the spine and other parts of the body structure out of place.

      “Nerves carry the shock of impacts.   Such a shock should dissipate, but it seldom does entirely.  Nerves give orders to muscles.  With an impact, a surge of energy starts down the nerve channels.  Then, from the small ends of the nerve channels, the energy surge reverses and the result is a bulge of energy which stops midway along the channel.  This gives which is called a “standing wave.”  It is just standing there, not going anywhere.”


        The Nerve Assist consists of gently releasing the standing waves in the nerve channels of the body, improving communication with the body and bringing the person relief.


              This is done by a precise sequence of stroking the back and limbs of the person, which brings about the relaxation and release of energy.   It has been done by Chaplains and by nurses in homes and in hospital beds, and by relief workers surrounded by the destruction caused by hurricanes.


              The method is easily learned: a free booklet and online training on the Nerve Assists will provide you with the full theory and instructions on delivering this and several other assists which help people recover from illness, injuries or trauma.  Go to 


           [ (c) 1994, 2001 All Rights Reserved.  Passages quoted from the Scientology Handbook.  Grateful acknowledgement is made to L. Ron Hubbard Library for permission to reproduce a selection from the copyrighted works of L. Ron Hubbard.  SCIENTOLOGY is a trademark and service mark owned by Religious Technology Center and is used with its permission.]

Our Seminars

Assists for Illnesses and Injuries: Helping an Individual Heal Himself

Goal:   To teach therapeutic touch/assistive techniques to help deal with stress, fatigue, trauma and illnesses.


            1. Discuss the dynamics of therapeutic touch/ nerve assist techniques.

            2. Illustrate nerve assist techniques.

            3. Return demonstrate therapeutic touch/nerve assist techniques.


We are proud to teach you simple Nerve Assists that are based on science and are very effective to reduce stress in our daily lives.           


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The Nursing Office provided Nerve Assists in Castillejos

Chief Nurse Myrna Santos provided Nerve Assist among members of the Class of 1971 in Castillejos, Zambales, Philippines. The group has verbalized the immediate and good effect of the therapeutic touch on them. Mayor Wilma Billman provided the place in her office where the Assists took place.