Press Release

September 8, 2019

“The Juniors and Seniors Prom 2019”



The Philippine Community Center Services for Aging (PCCSA) is proud to present the Juniors Seniors Prom 2019 celebrating The Graying “FIL-AM” New Yorkers, particularly the “graying” Filipino immigrants and the growing millennial Filipino-Americans. This presentation is to “spotlight” and focus on the transition process into our aging years, with the wise, balmy laughter and soothing hilarity of the Fil-Am community, one of the happiest peoples on earth.  It is also an enlightening opportunity to hand over the unique Filipino tradition of Respect for the Elderly as well as our historical heritage while assimilating and accepting the present realities of the homeland.  


We declare this as a bold and timely initiative to challenge all Filipino-American community organizations in the Tri-State area, to innovate, to create strategies and to pursue relevant action programs on the numerous issues of aging Fil-Ams in their own family or friends’ networks. 


This Community Approach to Aging emphasizes a shared mission with younger people’s groups and/or organizations that encourage & engage intergenerational participants to instill deep culture changes on Aging as a continuation of “life, fun and diversity,” thereby impacting and transforming how Seniors and Elderly persons are viewed, treated, and eventually taken care of.  Hence, we seek innovative, unconventional, more dynamic ways to advocate for the well-being of all Fil-Am senior citizens.


Our Vision is an Inter-generational Approach to Aging through community bonding that encourage Fil-Am organizations to share Spaces and create Time where & when Senior and younger persons interact, recall, and document their family and social histories --- through Song, Dance, Poetry and Drama as media or channels for in-depth, intimate “Intergenerational Dialogues.”


Our Mission is to showcase the various aging Fil-Ams by creating family-like (“kapamilya”) connections & relations between Fil-Am young adults and Fil-Am seniors/elderly in a non-traditional, informal environment while engaging in friendly, comfortable, “no-holds barred” interactions that become creative tools for “Preparing and Enjoying the Golden Years.”


 “Pagbabalik Parangal,” is a Special Tribute to the Fil-Am seniors who are the unsung heroes we honor today for their deeply significant but silent roles in developing our most valuable treasure, the Filipino-American families and communities.


DATE & TIME:    September 8, 2019, Sunday from 4:00 – 8:00 pm.

VENUE:              Ilocano Center, 185-14 Hillside Avenue, Jamaica, NY

DONATIONS:     Individuals ($10)   Organizations ($50)


(Note: Contributions will be used for PCCSA’s advocacy & service program on Home Living for Seniors.)


EVENTS of 2018


  • Dinner with the Devil  by Enricos Foods
  • Entertainment
  • Satanic Rhapsody in Piano by Bienvenido Bones Banez
  • Literary Exercises
  • Poetry Reading of Satanic Verses
  • Saving the Golden Girls (& Boys)


Consuelo Almonte joins Social Security Administration Regional Public Affairs Officer Everett M. Lo, US Citizenship and Immigration Services Community Relations Officer Shyconia Burden-Noten, and Philippine Consulate Deputy Consul General Kira D. Azucena

FORUM: Filipino World War II Veterans Parole Program


Partners/In Collaboration:

Filipino American Democratic Club of New York

Philippine Consulate

US Medicare Philippines


The Nursing Office

Las Islas Filipinas