Moving Through 2021 Organizational Meeting

Dear Friends & PCCSA Officers,

Welcome all to see where we are and where we are going as an organization. This meeting is a combined Progress Report and Strategic Planning. This will serve several purposes: as official minutes of meetings and presents a continuous agenda. This will help us to maintain transparency and timely update of our organization’s progress.

We bow our heads to remember Tita Connie on her 2nd death anniversary, March 28, honoring her with this PCCSA meeting to continue her legacy.


I Corporate Review

2016 we incorporated PCCSA as a TNO Initiative on Aging, then we became 501 c 3. in 2019 

II Mission, Vision, Philosophy

We have sustained our Programs and Services to our seniors and families, navigating resources. Terminologies will be changed to non-profit language, like donations, volunteers, homeshares,etc.

III By Laws

In the ILHL, we have involved our residents/homesharers to actively participate in our programs, particularly on issues around the 87-02 home. This active participation and involvement make them active board members of PCCSA.

IV Officers and Board

Special Assignment to Violy as a Senior Board Member to become our Auditor

Romer continues to be the official driver.

V Services & Programs

These programs are shared among our non-profit groups for our sustainability (Shared Mission, Shared Resources and Shared Governance)

  • Las Islas Filipinas/Battle of Sibuyan Seas (BOSS)
  • Irene Lumbrera Home Living Program
  • El The Father

 SERVICES & Programs

  • Irene Lumbrera Home Living Program/Resident Manager Ludy Resurreccion
  • Subsidized reduced rate housing
  • Reviews from Other Healthcare workers visiting our Home Living
  • Housing/homeless services 
  • Senior & Family Services Gary Abelardo/ Francis Zuasola
  • Navigating resources
  • Memberships 
  • Healthcare Planning, Budgeting, Funeral Services.
  • Fr. Ben, TNO-Phil

VI Organizational Network

Continue partnerships with TNOF, DCF, Sto Nino Group of Brooklyn….Violy Ibarra

VII Monthly Report for 2021 is started (after 2019 and 2020 is completed)

VIII Budget Accounting and Recording

Official File

Budget & Accounting Documentation (2 files)

  1. Office/Internal use only (Work in Progress)
  2. Actual/Public Audited Report (Final/Filed to IRS)

Deductibles Expenses

  • Space Rentals*
  • Graphics/technical support*
  • Equipments/lease*
  • Supplies*
  • Cleaning & Maintenance*
  • Insurance*
  • Legal/Professional Fees*
  • Repairs*
  • Real Estate Taxes*
  • Utilities*
  • Transportation/travel*
  • Advertisement*
  • Telephone*
  • Fundraising Costs*
  • Services & Programs*

IX Annual Tax Data Report: IRS REPORTS

2018 Fiduciary Report filed by Jesse Arteche

2019 Fiduciary Report will be between 11503 and 8702

2020…We will request Jesse to file for DCF

Donation to CES...300.00/ through wire transfer/ will cc Jesse Arteche

X Fundraising & Sustainability

Goals & Projections

  • Grant Writing

Inventory of Asset

  2. Nurse Mobile Car
  3. 52 Georgian/GHI
  • Projects
  1. BOOK “The Legends Rising”
  2. Fundraising: Time is Now
  3. HFT/CDPAP Donations
  4. Office Sharing

XI Donors & Supporters

(Active volunteers/ Elvie, Vicki, Romer)

LR Donation for the Internet

XII Website/ History/ Francia’s photo/ Greetings

       Logo/ TNO will always be included For Official Use


  1. Electronic
  2. Hard Copies (2)
  • Home office (88-16)
  • 87-02

MISC/ ISSUES/ Resolutions

  • IL Home Living 188 st…. pavement works
  • Letters
  • Issues Taxes
  • Special Intentions: Dr. Zal, Nieva
  • Fe,Vicki
  • Birthdays..Elena, Irene
  • DCF Shall we continue? / Georgian Ct, DCF bank account

 NOTE: Official Report will be prepared and distributed to the Officers upon finalization and audit

 Questions, Remarks, Adjourn


In Memory of Consuelo Almonte's 2nd Death Anniversary, LI, NY 3.28.2021


Consuelo Almonte gives an interview with Katherine Fung


I   Invitation to the Board

II Q & A on the Board

III Signing In/ On-boarding

IV Induction Ball

V The Center is OPEN: How may we help you?

VI Communications: Moving Forward

VII Strategic Planning



  1. OPEN HOUSE (PCCSA Richmond Hill)
  2. Invitation to the Board (Nov 30, 2018)
  3.  501 c3 
  4. Inclusion to Consulates General Assembly (2019)
  5. Mano Po Journal (Fall Edition, Oct 2018 ) Marivir to help with online /e-copy
  6. The Nurse is IN/PCCSA at St. Patrick's LLC (Monthly outreach: Operation BP Plus)
  7. Record Keeping & Year End Reporting 2017, 2018 (March)
  8. PIDCI Issues (June)
  9. Forum Series (August/October 2019)
  10. Junior Seniors Prom (Oct.13, 2018)
  11. Sustainability (Zarzuela) 
  12. "How to celebrate your 100th Birthday"/Founders Day (2019)


  • Announcement Letter/Press Release/Definition of Terms*
  • Organizational Structure & ByLaws*
  • Calling Cards Design/Logo* to each officer
  • Graphics for Preparing & Enjoying the Golden Years
  • Events
  • Financial Structure, Fundraising & Sustainability
  • AARP Volunteer Program/ LR,CA,MDS,SJ
  • PPSEAWA Philippines

I   Organizational Issues for Resolutions & Amendments:

  • Defining PCCSA " Preparing and Enjoying the Golden Years"*
  • Mission/Vision* 
  • By-Laws*
  • Legal & Organizational Structure*
  • Financial Structure/ Bank Account* (Signatories)
  • Application for 501 C(3)
  • Definition of Roles*
  • Board Membership Drive* MOU, Aknowledgements
  • Financial Reports & Accounting
  • Website:*
  • Volunteers*
  • The Center( Lease, Office Share)


II   PROJECTS (Programs & Services)

  • Navigating Resources: Food Stamps, Housing, Transportation, Medicare & Medicaid, Social Security
  • Shared Home Living 
  • Project Study & Research: How to use US based insurance for healthcare benefits & services obtained in the Philippines. (Reimbursement Process for Insurance/Medicare)
  • USMEdicarePH
  • Income Tax Returns Services
  • Homecare Giving/ CDPAS
  • Estate Planning
  • End of Life Planning

III  Sustainability/Fundraising

  • Drives
  • Volunteering
  • Events/ (launching & piggybacks) 
  • Guidelines: Flea Markets/Trunk Sale 
  • Forever Living
  • Mano Po
  • The Coming of the Cross and the Sword

IV  Public Relations

  • Press Releases*
  • Interviews & Write Ups
  • Newsletter Bi-weekly (Constant Contact)
  • Database/ Memberships
  • Networking
  • Organizational Exchanges 
  • Establishing Coalition


V   Social Media (Facebook)

VI Activities for Seniors

   Establishing connections/coalitions with other organizations & Senior Citizens Group

  • Filipino American Senior Citizens of Queens
  • Las Islas Filipinas
  • San Lorenzo Ruiz
  • Fil-Am Dems of NY
  • Philippine Nurses Association
  • Kalusugan Coalition
  • Volker Orth Museum
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Community Centers
  • Nursing Homes
  • Private Homes & Offices
  • UPAA-NY Chapter
  • JCI
  • Fil-Am Who's Who
  • Parks