A Unique Volunteer Program    


The PCCSA Volunteer Program is a carefully designed strategy for sustainability, using creative human power network and resources as important as monetary resources. It is our very own unique system of fundraising using proven traditional corporate strategies of ways and means for the mission of helping others. Our volunteers include a working board of directors and staff with a mix of skills and talents needed for a full-time line of productions, programs and services. This model is designed both for a balanced income-expense operation which maximizes the full potential of our volunteers and a cost effective usage of funds for services.  




The PCCSA vision-mission is taking care of the elder immigrants and their communities.  We seek to achieve this by opening supportive platforms, providing educational spaces, and creating safe havens for the Arts, Cultural education, Health care, Financial literacy, Language trainings, Advocacy for Seniors and Special Needs persons, and by organizing activities that benefit as many as possible individuals, groups, families, or friends in the broader and wider circles of the aging immigrant community.  The PCCSA offers both challenges and opportunities to Volunteers who desire to grow & gain experience in their chosen fields, while helping to improve the quality of life of underserved immigrant or ethnic communities.


The PCCSA operates solely on volunteer efforts of “The People” who will eventually take ownership of the organization. This model will empower and engage the people to help themselves first and their communities at large.


Our Volunteer Program is our biggest and most valuable Fundraising in this very early stage of our non-profit status. It includes all staff, from the Executive Board to the rank-and-file day-to day staff. Our most important goal is sustainability, with the following goals:


Creating a Board City-wide which includes the directors of each of the organizations in direct collaboration and partnership with The Nursing Office. 


Two Tiers of Board:  

  1. Primary Working Board/ Staff- The Working Board has a hands-on role in the day to day or actual organizational operation and management.
  2. Honorary Board/Consultants - The External Board is at-large and essentially virtual whose role is on organizational structure, strategic planning and management, promotion of the foundation's mission and vision, network and public relations, sustainability and fundraising.

We seek Volunteers who:

  1. Believe in the PCCSA Vision-Mission;
  2. Are open to self-development and growth;
  3. Are committed to offer time, talent, or resources that benefit our programs and services for the people and the communities they live in.


The PCCSA Volunteer agrees to the following:

  • Providing time to work with PCCSA staff for at least six (6) months;
  • Fulfill volunteer responsibilities as outlined in position description;
  • Respect appointment times and places as agreed upon with clients or staff members;
  • Attend follow-up training sessions and monthly volunteer meetings;
  • Provide services that are in the best interest of PCCSA and its clients;
  • Not to hold PCCSA , its board members, staff, volunteers, and clients liable for contracting diseases or any other illness in the very unlikely event that may result from volunteer service to program client;
  • Exercise discretion and good judgment in determining the appropriateness of any close, intimate relations with people related to, or close to PCCSA clients;
  • Respect differences in ethnic and socio-economic background, gender, sexual orientation, age, immigration, or health status.
  • Keep confidential any information of highly personal or confidential nature that may have been learned in the course of my work with PCCSA , and not to disclose such information to those not authorized to receive have such information.


Volunteer Benefits

Honorariums and Tax Exemption Certificates will be issued toward the end of each year. This honorarium will be based on the service programs completed by the volunteers.

Volunteer hours will be assigned equivalent volunteer dollars or a fair monetary value for their services.



Please let us know how you can help.

We need help in all these areas of Management:

  • Budget & Finance
  • Events
  • Membership
  • Production
  • Public Relations



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