Home is Where You Are!


In a very transient and fast-changing environment where many people find themselves today, any place should and can be made into a home, such that we can truthfully say, "Home is Where You Are."


Having a Home and a livable space to call one's own is one of the most fundamental basis of good health --- physical, mental, and emotional.  Thus the present crisis of homelessness for those truly in need is a health crisis, albeit, an emerging health care crisis if not addressed in creative, innovative or unconventional ways.


As a part of our Services for the Aging, we help Seniors who are "empty nesters" to stay in their own homes for the longest time by "converting or designing " their homes into their own Nursing Homes.

In line with its mission of offering Nurse-Driven Housing Solutions, The Nursing Office (TNO) seeks to address these needs  through the following:


  • Assisted Home Living (in the comfort of your own home)
  • Home-Sharing Programs
  • Service Assistance to the Homeless ( women, men, young adults, veterans, families)


  • Affordable
  • Cost Effective
  • Cultually Supportive
  • Senior Friendly
  • Cheaper alternative to Assisted Living, Rehab or Nursing Homes 


Assisted Home Living consists of providing some homeowners, particularly, Senior citizens, disabled, persons, or persons with special needs, with access to service providers who would help them in their daily living activities, so they can maintain their independence if they choose to, or have someone living there (or coming in) to help them.


Home-Sharing Program consists of organizing the physical residence of a homeowner to acquire amenities, i.e., simple, minimal facilities, furniture, or appliances, in order to enable a limited number of persons to comfortably occupy individual rooms rented or paid for at a very affordable rate, or maybe on a sliding scale according to the roomer/tenant's ability to pay.  Such tenants or "roomers" are properly screened for eligibility in terms of "true need." 


This practice is not altogether new, since most homeowners have already been doing this to help pay high mortgages in NYC.  The Nursing Office will facilitate the process by either acquiring or renting a residence to help the homeowner stay in her own home by generating income from room renters; by assisting in screening applicants for reliability & trustworthiness; and by setting up House Rules & Protocols in a Memorandum of Agreement or Understanding between the Home Owner (or Primary Tenant) and the Secondary Tenants/Room renters.


In addition, TNO envisions that the Tenants/Room renters will be encouraged to take part in TNO's programs by volunteering their time, talent, abilities or experience, or other relevant resources.  The goal of their volunteer service is to establish bonds of friendship & camaraderie among the Tenants, as well as cordial feelings of being in an Extended Family Circle.  In this way, Tenants/Roomers share time and resources in common daily activities, such as cooking, cleaning, maintenance, etc., and other activities that enhance Courtesy, Respect, and Harmony in relationships.


Service Assistance to the Homeless consists of providing referrals to public or private housing programs, job training, job leads for livelihood, loan assistance in emergencies, or legal and/or advocacy needs.