The Nurse is In with Damayan

Office Management: Project & Program Management 

As the size and complexity of our work grows, we need project management skills to keep things under control. Approaching a complex task from a project management perspective will bring a level of clarity and organization to it that we otherwise may not have. This can greatly improve the quality of our work, while also reducing stress levels by ensuring we’re able to keep track of all the complex moving parts of a project.


When starting a new project, determining if it needs a project management approach can help us ensure our ability to handle its twists, turns, and complexities. Project management involves looking over the scope of a project and breaking it out into multiple smaller parts. Doing so allows us to think through the steps involved and have a good plan from the start. This lets us consider problems that might arise in advance, and estimate accurate timelines, budgets, and much more.


Excluded Workers Fund 


  • Logistics/Delivery/ Understanding the Application process
  • Review, Clarification, Verification
  • Translations
  • Tools/Resources/Budget
  • Forms/ Flyer (Design official Flyer that will stir curiosity
  • Identify and Train Staff & Volunteers
  • Reporting & Documentation

Recruitment for Membership (Not related to EWF, as membership is not a requirement but deemed an important Damayan service that can be integrated to the activities



Collaborate with Damayan’s established logistics



  • Outreach To Disseminate Information and Engage (I&E) (Any which way to reach deliverable constituents and engage them)
  • Identify and Network with other individuals and organization
  • Case Finding
  • Database 

Ways to do Outreach

•Street Outreach

Outreach Clinics

•Door to Door

•Home Visits

•Group Presentations

•Health Fairs and Community Events

•Community/Business Drop-Offs

•Drop-in Centers

•Media/ Blast Mail/ Constant Contact


Outreach Clinics/Events/ Network and Other Organizations


 Timelines & Schedule (Attended:Damayan's)

 Train the Trainers August 7,2021

 Train the Trainers August 14,2021



  • How many Flyers are printed?
  • How many got interested and called in for information
  • How many were prequalified
  • How many qualified
  • Assistance with securing needed documents



  • Final submission of the application online




Report: How many were reached (Need attendance sheet as feasible)


A.  Translation

  1. We need a full Tagalog Translation to be submitted to DOL and published in their website as it claims English and availability of Tagalog versions
  2. Although many documents are self-explanatory, we need clear, simple Tagalog translation for the following:
    • EWF Criteria: Questions #s1 to 4.
    • Evidence 1: Proof of Identity - Need English Instructions in Tagalog
    • Documents described in 2-3 lines (example): "Letter from an employee that has dates of employment and the reason you are not working."  
  1. Outreach/screening workers must be clear on the inclusive dates of employment or period of non-employment, as this information is critical to be eligible for EWF.

B.   WAIVER (to be integrated in the Screening Form)

  • Damayan is not responsible for the validity of the documents that will be submitted by the applicants themselves.
  • Let us also note that Damayan is a trusted organization by the DOL as included in their CBO list.
  • Our role is to assist the applicant in the Application process. Assistance is not limited to the outreach, but the Approach, Screening, Engagement, Motivation and Follow-up to Screen and Gather applicant's documents for final online application.


  • Final Public Announcement/Flyer
  • Final Screening Form
  • Database
  • Get 2 computers, laptops, ipads dedicated for EWF use only
  • Get 2 phones and set up as 2 hotlines dedicated for EWF use only. (PCCSA is willing to handle one hotline)

Liabilities & Legal Issues/HIPAA

  • Let applicants bring their own device (phone, laptops, iPad)
  • Let the applicant take photos of their documents in their own device
  • Let the applicant create their own application account and submit application themselves with Damayan's technical support only, unless in cases where the applicant is really computer illiterate.

Logistics (Easy Application Process)

  • Give applicants a packet for initial screening and gathering of documents.
  • Give assistance in understanding through translations.
  • Give hardcopy of actual online form to those who will qualify as determined from the screening.
  • Technical support during the actual submission of application online. 


NYC Mandate on Proof of Vaccination

  • We will operate in the PCCSA office with our own device and hotline.