The Nursing Office Extended Arts, NJ (2012)


 The Golden Rule Prevails with Professionalism, Productivity & Privacy


I     Welcome Greetings

II     Update & Website Review

III    Organizational Structure:

IV    Current Project/ Program/ Services

       2017-2020 Strategic Planning:


Business Plan Development & Project Management


Nurse Driven Healthcare Solutions

  • Launching: The Nurse is IN (Phil/ NY)
  • Family and Child Services, Elizabeth, NJ
  • Advocacy Against Nurse Bullying and EEO issues
  • Advocacy for Seniors/ Elderly
  • Advocacy for Nurses & Families
  • LGBTQ Circles (Coming Out)
  • Operation Forever Smile
  • Operation Blood Pressure 

Nurse Driven Housing Solutions

  • Pathway Home: Started BKLYN, NY (Mixed Community/ Transient Housing/ Assisted Living/ Theater Rehab/ Nurses Lounge
  • Gentle Hammers
  • Advocacy Against Homelessness

Socio-Economic Special Projects


V     Sustainability



Business Development ( MCF, M&B,WFG,PFA)


Financial Services



Taxation( RC, TL)

Stocks & Trades (JA) 

Consulting & Management


The Nursing Office 

Office Sharing*

Support to Women and Minority Owned Business 


Real Estates

Housing Solutions

Home Living*

Foreclosure Deals

Gentle Hammers



Forever Living Products*

Gift Shop*


Non-Profit Organizations



Divine Child Foundation



Cash Donations/Loans*

Car donations

In Kind Donations (Computers, Clothing, Office Supplies)

Food Pantry Donations


HR Services*




Mano Po 


Production & Events


  • Marketing/Publications  
  • Grant Writing
  • Merchandising
  • AARP
  • Marquis
  • Continental Home

VI    Networking & Affiliations

  •  Diabetes Academy
  •  Filipino School of NY-NJ
  • Harlem Community Center
  • TCI LPN School 

VII   Future Projects & Development

VIII  Website Management and Social Media Marketing

  • Social Media (Blogger, Face Book, Linked In, Twitter, WordPress)
  • TNO.Org  

IX    Photo & Video Documentation

X     Event Planning


XI     Write Ups

  • AW Men "Angry White Men" (What a Difference can they make/ What a Diffrence They have Made!) Pre and Post 2016 US National Election


Four Dragon Empirical Domain

Soar with the Dragons!


I  Executive

II Legal

III Financial

  • Professional Ethics
  • The Ethics of Money

IV Management

V Business Development

VI Marketing

VII Event Planning



From Ludy's Desk


1)  MEDICARE and The Fil-Am Seniors

  •     The NOTCH
  •     Intergenerational Community Approach to Aging (ICAAP)
  •     Dr Letty's Community Model
  •     AARP's Readiness Program for Seniors


2) AHA Access Healthcare Asia (MOU with Fr. Ben)

     TNO Philippines with Dr. L. Puguon


3) Home Living with Joe's Rules: Compromise

    Program Assessment


4) Corporate

     501 C 3 TNOF/PCCSA

     GHI (52 Georgian Ct. Title)



5) Las Islas/Purple Pillars Production

     Rajah Humabon and His Forty Wives (Script with Dr. Zal & Nena Matela)

     Meet with M. Montebon


Ludy Resurreccion

Program Director/The Nursing Office


OFFICE MANAGEMENT: No daily agenda but Mission & Goal Directed without boundaries of Time and Space


Guiding Rule & Philosophy

The Golden Rule Prevails with Professionalism, Productivity & Privacy

  • The Golden Rule: Desiderata
  • General Petraeus Philosophy
  • Cybernetics in Action
  • Walk the Talk
  • Living with Character: A Change Within
  • Putting God in our Midst

I CORPORATEFDGN Corporate Book (EFile, Hard Copy, Main Corporate Office)

  • Incorporation Papers/Documents
  • NPC set up (The Nursing Office.Org., PCCSA)
  • By-Laws
  • Accounting & Record Keeping(Contingency for Fire, Theft: intranet, folder, 2 hard copies)
  • Corporate Strategic Business Planning
  • TNO Consultancy & Case Management
  • Succession Planning


II The Nursing Office Richmond Hill Community Center

  • Office/Center Management
  • Volunteers
  • House Rules
  • Communications & Public Relations
  • Database, Membership Drive
  • Official Uptake/Questionnaire Form Design
  • Sign In Sheet Design
  • Launching Projects & Campaigns
  • Year End Report
  • Volunteer & Donor Appreciation 






  • Immigrant Aging in Queens
  • Sampaguita Awards



Dec. 12, 2017 (TNO Center)

Breakfast Meeting with Steve Hermosisima

TNO Meeting (5th Ave, NYC)


  • Divine Child Foundation…………………………Review & Update from last meeting
  • 52 Georgian CT………………………………………Review & Update
  • Purple Pillars Production of The Coming of the Cross and the Sword


The Nursing Office Role

  • Research
  • Documentation
  • Evaluation
  • Sustainability
  • Program Development
  • Communications


These Key Areas  of Non-Profit Excellence serve as Guideline in our operation and management practices as Shared Mission, Shared Governance and Shared Resources among staff, board members, volunteers and other stakeholders.

  • Overall management focus on results
  • Governance structure that moves the organization forward
  • Strong, transparent and accountable financial management
  • Diversity and culturally competent organizational practices
  • Enlightened use of human resources 
  • Appropriate and reliable information technology (IT) systems
  • Regular and effective communications & use of communications technology
  • Effective, ethical fundraising and resource development

( These Key Areas of Excellence are based from NYC Community Trust ) 

Corporate Sunday Board Meeting (02.19.17)
Agenda over a Cup of Tea: Ludy & Ping (8-31-2015)
Strategic Planning Continues at The Nursing Office, AKA Tito Center, Jersey City
Welcome Home, Ayal. (South African Mission, 9-10-13)
Ludy Resureccion, Program Director at the Extended Arts Center, NJ Office (9-12-13)
Sustainability Meeting, Nanuet, NY (9-14-13)





Thanks for this amazing project and somehow, I have an understanding of its mechanics which is primary health care approach. Being a public health nurse ever since, I have learned the skill of community health development leading to community and people empowerment. I implemented a project on community development right in my birthplace starting in 1985 and it is my honor to say that I was successful in transforming our wayward ethnic community into a "shangrila" so to speak because after less than a decade, the people became empowered by being self-reliant of their health.. The nursing students of Don Mariano Marcos State University in Batac, Ilocos Norte made Imugan as their community immersion for 4 years and I used to orient them of the Primary Health Care: Imugan Experience. This is my model of an empowered community whenever I lecture to community volunteer health and nutrition workers and professional health workers in our province in the different training.


It is so timely that we face a high unemployment rate of professional nurses due to the closure of foreign countries in hiring Filipino Nurses..We, the nursing leaders in the PNA, are so aware of the problem on a national scope but cannot do much. If I understand it right, your proposal on this project is the beginning for a light to shine among unemployed Filipino Nurses..The Philippine Government has this project called, Registered Nurses for Health Enhancement and Local Service (RNHeals) through the Dept. of Health, which has recruited 10,000 RNs throughout the country on a yearly basis..


As I understand it, we've got to start locally by region because of several  limitations..If you would allow me to start in Region 2 (Cagayan Valley) then we can start it here then can cascade it to other regions later, not unless you have other pilot areas targeted for a start..


I am so excited to start this project as this is my other  line of expertise. I was the PHC Coordinator of Nueva Vizcaya from 1985- 1995 and I have done networking with NGOs before like Plan International and  Medical Ambassadors, Philippines for Health..Our PNA Chapter also i implemented a PHC project in 1992-1995 and I was in-charge of this. We adopted a poor barangay here in Bayombong and we hired a Registered Nurse to take charge of this project for the community to feel that the Nurses, through our Chapter, is IN the community...I look forward on the implementation of this project which I know will be welcomed by the local officials and the community..


Thank you very much and here's hoping for a successful and fruitful output of this noble project!!




Letty Puguon


May 4, 2013


Hi Dr. Letty,
I like this Project very much and am really hoping to launch it in your region, although we already have project studies in Cavite, Ilo-ilo and Negros.

I like your Imugan. Is there any place I can read about it? Has it been published anywhere, or in the PNA?
Similarly, I like the RN Heals. Pls let me know references to learn more about these because we are going to use these models, not only in the Philippines but in US and other parts of the world.

I know that you are busy in your upcoming trip/ conference, but let us continue on planning for this initiative. I have already posted the phases of Development in the Nursing Office Site, so let us work on the First Phase, while I learn more about these Imugan and RNheals.

Good luck to you and have a fruitful conference. You may continue to bring this initiatives wherever you are and pls do not forget to mention The Nurse is IN program and The Nursing Office as we further our collaboration for a healthier world.



May 5, 2013

Dear Maam Myrna,

I am also excited to start with this project. Reading about the phases, am sure that this is similar to the Primary Health Care (PHC) approach we started in the 1980s in the Dept. of Health. If I understand it right in Phase I is the inventory of nurses or manpower who will be involved and these would be the unemployed/displaced RNs. It is a relief on me that those discharged from the RNHeals Project could be accommodated in our Project not only in Region 2 but in the places you have mentioned.


The RNHeals is still on-going which is handled by DOH for the attainment of the Millennium Development Goals although there are still towns who lack manpower. This is the thing that I will work on this coming week so that we know where to recruit Nurses to be assigned..


We can use the PHC Experience I had in Barangay Imugan where the Masteral Students of Don Mariano Marcos State University Nursing Students used to come for their community immersion for straight 4 years...


Our model could be a private and public partnership to help us in the program implementation. There are NGOs willing to be a partner on this endeavor and with proper planning and coordination, we can successfully implement this project Maam. .I just need a detail if you have budgeted some amount for honorarium of Nurses who will be assigned in areas without health workers.. For Region 2, we can pilot it in Nueva Vizcaya then we can expand because I can coordinate with PNA Chapter Presidents in other regions and zones..


Actually, PNA has been an active partner as far as monitoring is concerned in the first Project NARS under DOLE but sad to say, the partnership became passive when it was handled by DOH and PNA participation was not maximized even on the national level because this has been expressed even by our National president, Gov. Noel Cadete.. Knowing this weakness, we, in The Nurse is In Project, can correct the weaknesses..


I have already listed down names of unemployed RNs who can participate in this project which can also help them financially. The stipend of the RNHeals Trainees is P8,000 per month for a period of one (1) year paid under the DOH funds. Recruitment is every year for almost 4 years now. I will try to download to you the concepts of RNHeals which is similar to the Rural Health Practice Program (RHPP) in 1976- 1980 and I was in that program under the DOH for six months while waiting for the result of our Licensure Examination. Our stipend that time was only P300.00 which involved MD graduates..


I am sure that if we present this Project to the Local officials and Nursing Leaders, they would surely accommodate this project for it would be helping our new RNs and the government in providing nursing services to our people. It's my honor to be a part of this project and rest assured that I would actively participate in this endeavor..


Your Partner in Development,


Letty Puguon