Our philosophy is based on the first paradigm of a Nursing Theory: The Theory of Self-Preservation (the Paradigms of Nursing) based on the premise that inviduals and communities are responsible for their existence and sustainability. While there are issues that can be taken cared of by the self/ individuals, there are more things that we can do as a people, and as a community to make this living more fruitful, happier and easier. Hence, we encourage your participation and collaboration. This organization is I, WE, US, for the people and by the people which is the very essence of democracy. The more we get together, the happier are we.



Myrna D. Santos, RN

Chief Nurse

Emil Sylvester Ramos: Director, Marketing, Public & Community Relations


I am very humbled to lead and serve you in this Mission. Together, we can make it BIG. We can make it Happen! You are all welcome to share and be heared. No information is good without you. So please join us. 

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