I           Finding the Niche, the Theme *

II          Creating your Business Name Mano Po inc. (MPI) long term vision

III         Stating your Mission*

IV         Developing your Goals and Objectives*

V          Designing your Programs and Services*

VI         Organizational & Legal Set up (Legal Corp);Definition of Roles & Functions; MOU

            Boards:1) Executive 2) Editorial

VII        Financial Set Up & Accounting (Banking, Accounting)

VIII       Marketing and Networking (Website) Social Media

IX         Birthing/Technical Support

X          Launching Mano Po! (August 2017)


Quarterly Journal for Fil-Am Seniors & Families (Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter)

Theme: Preparing and Enjoying the Golden Years

Health, Financial, Legal & Family Matters



To promote, celebrate and salute the elderly, and provide products and services to influence a change in culture to prepare and enjoy the golden years through a carefully designed program by and for seniors.


Aging should not be a challenge.



We envision Aging Seniors or Elderly Immigrants, who are educated and trained advocates, to access culturally sensitive & competent health-care services or therapies; fair housing practices; technological literacy; and financial independence.


We are seeing immensely Creative, Innovative, and Vibrant Seniors and Elderly Persons, utilizing their experience and hard-earned skills to mentor young people and activate intergenerational dialogues which inspire and motivate the next generation to create their own legacies. 


We see these engaged Seniors and Elderly persons building strength for themselves, their families and communities, through Art, Dance, Theater, Literature, and many other expressive cultural forms.


We see active Seniors reach out to invisible aging or Elderly Immigrants seriously challenged by chronic illness, loneliness, isolation, or separation from close family, and by lack of information on access to government benefits. and engage them in self-empowering health & wellness practices.


We support Active Seniors who are opening their own private homes (or houses) to provide Living Spaces for fixed income Seniors, or Interactive Spaces for dialogues where Elderly Immigrants and Younger Immigrants interact, recall, and document their family and social histories living in Queens and other boroughs of New York City.


We encourage Seniors to expand their range of choices & strengthen support networks that help them navigate resources to address their health, housing, psycho-social, financial, or legal/immigration needs and issues. 


We all look forward to our productive, beautiful and healthy Golden Years!





  • One and first of its kind among and for Fil-Am
  • it is the official journal of non-profit PCCSA
  • one organizational/legal, financial structure and accounting system as PCCSA
  • it is a good opportunity for volunteerism


  • Big capital outlay


  • Create a venue for PCCSA
  • Create Income & Sustainability for all organizations involved 


  • Potential misunderstanding between organizations involved

Project Management & Time Line

Corporate Matters

  • Legal Issues

        It is the official Journal/Magazine publication of non-profit PCCSA.

  • Budget & Finance

Organizational Matters

Publication Matters

  • How to start Publication
  • Publication Requirements
  • Printing Companies & Costs 
Myrna D. Santos, Paul Dantes & Ludy Resurreccion (3/15/2017)

Editorial Board

Executive Editor 

Myrna D. Santos

Chief Editor/Program Director 

Lutgarda Resurreccion



Pauline Santos

Marivir Montebon

Cristina Pastor

Executive Director


Consuelo Almonte

Marketing Director 

Paul Dantes

TOPS Marketing



IT Director

John Llemos

Graphics & Design Layout 

Cresilda Cac


Publisher: TOPS Marketing, LLC

Corporate Board

Chief Executive Officers

Paul Dantes (TOPS)

Myrna D. Santos (FDGN)

Board of  Directors

Ludy Resurreccion

Consuelo Almonte

Marcos Panlilio

John Llemos

Chief Financial Officer

Nieva Q Burdick


Founding Organizations

The Nursing Office.Com/PCCSA

Tops Marketing.Org