The Nursing Office of Manuel & Beatriz Delvo, RN

Myrna D. Santos, RN, Beatriz Delvo, RN and Ludy Resurreccion, Program Director


Nurse Driven and Creative Housing Alternatives and Solutions


Mission: While the issues of housing are real life, tough, heavy decisions and huge financial stakes, we design solutions that are not only cost effective, readily available and accessible, but will have a rebound effect to resolve other social issues like homelessness, unemployment and poverty. 


Vision: A roof over ones head is a basic human right.





The Nursing Office Business Model for Nurses

The Nurse is IN (Passion, Specialty, Service)


Mission: Every nurse will have a Nursing Office


I           Finding your Niche, the Theme of your main service*

II          Creating your Business Name*

III         Stating your Mission*

IV         Developing your Goals and Objectives*

V          Designing your Programs and Services

VI         Organizational & Legal Set up

VII        Financial Set Up & Accounting

VIII       Marketing and Networking

IX         Technical Support

X          The Nurse is IN Action!




Our Nurse Driven Housing Solutions are developed for both short and long term goals, bringing several programs together (HR Management, Social Services, etc. )  for collaborative solutions not only for housing but for relieving unemployment as well.

  • Advocacy for the Homeless
  • Service Assistance to the Homeless
  • Affordable Housing Programs
  • Assisted Home Living (in the Comfort of your own home)
  • Human Resource and Management
  • Property Management
  • Affordable Real Estate Services
  • Home Buying: Understanding Mortgage Terms
  • Housing Construction & Development
  • Training & Job Creation
  • Home Sharing
  • Home Ownership
  • Foreclosure Assistance
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Home Safety (Making Homes Safe)




 Founding Organization: The Nursing Office.Com

  It’s more than a Franchise

  • Training
  • Support
  • Set-Up
  • Coaching

It's more than a Business

  • Leadership
  • Making a Difference/Giving Back
  • Enjoy Tax Breaks
  • Make Profits in all kinds and forms.



Long Term Goal: Manuel & Beatriz Delvo Foundation, Inc.




By these provisions, be it known that:

Definition of Terms:

The Nursing Office (TNO) – The Nursing is a broad coalition of individuals & organizations focused on taking care of nurses, their families and communities, by creating, organizing, collaborating, and supporting health & wellness circles in private, public and business arenas.

Four Dragon Global Network, Inc. (FDGN) – the legal corporation or entity that is doing business as The Nursing duly registered with New York Department of State.

(Add the Description/Definition for the other individual/organization/or company entering agreement with.)

“The NURSE is IN” is a A Model for Affordable Community and Public Health        Delivery System designed by TNO to transform healthcare through nursing leadership.

The Nurse is IN at__DELVO's ARCH__” – TNO program to be established at ___________will encompass all activities and events jointly planned, organized, and implemented by TNO and ___________________.

  • FDGN, Inc., is represented by Myrna D. Santos, RN, and Ludy Resurreccion.
  • TNO may avail or use the location of_______________, for events and activities that may directly or indirectly relate to the members and/or users of __________and facilities.
  • Events and special programs designed by TNO and held at _________will be a collaboration by TNO and____________.
  • Production Budget or Expenses incurred in these events and special programs will include refreshments, use of space, talent fees and other related costs. The net income from these events will be assigned to The Nurse is IN Program that will be used to further the program and its cause.
  • Acts, programs and services provided by TNO/FDGN may be used for the marketing of ____________to increase its revenue will be a contribution in kind/ gratis by TNO/FDGN. However, voluntary donations in cash or in kind by ________________to TNO, a non-profit organization will be most welcome.
  • _______________– represented by ________ is the Executive Director of “The Nurse is In at_____________” program.

Accountability and Transparency – are the principles that govern the terms of this Memorandum of Agreement/Understanding, which include proper disclosure and procedures for dealing with potential conflicts of interest.

  1. Compliance – Both parties will be provided with proper and timely information regarding compliance with City regulations on using facility spaces & other related matters.
  2. FDGN and __________ will maintain their individual corporate identities.
  3. FDGN will manage ___________ for a reasonable fee that will be agreed upon by both parties.
  4. CEO of _________will become a Partner of FDGN, Inc. and serve as Board Memberof The Nursing Office 
  5. The Nurse is IN Program will be the joint and collaborative partnership between   TNO and _________that will operate on a SHARED MISSION, SHARED GOVERNANCE, and SHARED RESOURCES by the staff, Board members, volunteers and other stakeholders. 
  6. Rules and provisions for potential or actual Conflict of Interest will be dealt with accordingly through a due process of conflict resolution between the agreeing parties. This process will prevent any legal suits that these parties are not allowed to, ever.
  7. These provisions are designed and agreed upon by both parties.
  8. Amendments may be made throughout the collaboration/partnership.

Due Process for Conflict Resolution

  1. Define the Problem/Conflict
  2. Design Strategies for Resolution with SWOT format Analysis
  3. Decision is made to promote a 50/50 advantage between the 2 parties
  4. No court resolutions allowed from both parties.