Entrepreneurship in Health, Wellness & Wisdom Continuum

A Culture of Health: Be Healthy, Wealthy & Wise

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Developing a Model for Preventive Maintenance, Whole-life Care, Fitness, Wellness, Natural Cures, and Positive, Loving Thoughts

HEALTH is WEALTH is WISDOM: A Vision of New Humans


Health = Wealth = Wisdom Continuum

Humans are evolving.As we become more intuitive, fine-tune our physical bodies, listen to the signals it sends (i.e., pain), and accessmore wisdom in caring for it, our physical vessel will become stronger and healthier. Life-threatening diseases and viruses will have a difficult time finding a home in our evolved physical bodies.


No longer will we ignore the signals our body elementals send us as it tries to get our attention.  Pain is a way our body lets us know that something is amiss.  In the past we took painkillers to mask the symptoms until it is too late. And then radical measures have to be taken to correct the imbalance. As we attend to the multiple levels of awareness within our body as well as without, we learn to take heed to the signals we receive. We then make the necessary adjustments as quickly as possible, so that the least discomfort is experienced.  And therefore, we quickly return to harmony and a sense of well-being.


Everywhere in the world, we are now seeing new and wondrous breakthroughs in healing, natural products and medicinal that are replacing synthetic drugs which have many toxic side effects. We are learning that our body will not tolerate many of the popularly subscribed substances touted by the pharmaceutical companies which are only interested in their profit margins.Therefore, this shift in consciousness will see in the future new Humans who focus more on1) Preventive Maintenance, 2) Whole-life Care, 3) Fitness, 4) Wellness, 5) Natural Cures, and most importantly, 6) Positive and Loving Thoughts.


Lutgarda Resurreccion (Program Director)



Myrna Santos

Mastering the Business of Forever Living Integrated in The Nursing Office 

  • Building Discipline of 4 CC (1 Consumership; 1 Retail; 2 Recruitment)
  • Time Table for Effective Actions (Help and develop an interpreneur every 1-2 months)
  • Sell the Products to EVERYONE (The Educated Consumer) 
  • Market skin care products to hospitals, nursing homes for wound &skin care    
  • Product Focus Monthly
  • Extend the Network Health & Wellness Circle "Health is Wealth Continuum"
  • Build Teams "The Nurse is IN: Forever Living "
  • Social Media Marketing (FB*, Link In, Pinterest, Blog/WordPress) WE NYC
  • How to enroll Distributors outside US
  • Training, Training, Experts (Youth Leadership & Entrepreneurship in Healthcare) in The Nursing Office Community Center
  • Launch operations, campaigns for organizations, fundraising and initiatives
  • Aim/Increase to 5 CC practice monthly (Malaysia Style) 3-1 Continuum
Forever Living Products Exhibit at Richmond Hill High School
Imogene Raypoon, Nieva Burdick and Ludy Resurreccion in Richmond Hill High School Family Day
Loni Ramos Empowering Forever Living Entrepreneurs to become " Health & Wellness Circle" Team Forever Living NY (2/2017)
"Health & Wellness" Team Forever Queens (3/4/17)
Training & Networking "Health & Wellness Circle" Team Forever Living NY (03/08/2017)


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Our Forever Living Drives

February Dental Care Drive

I am a parent of growing up children once, and I know the challenge of making them brush their teeth three times every day, especially after eating sweets and before bedtime. This February, I would like to celebrate National Children’s Dental Health month by launching Operation Smile Forever, with the goal of keeping our teeth to last forever, technically, because the teeth, like bones are the hardest part of our body.

Launching a National Drive on Children’s Dental Health 

To celebrate February as the National Children’s Dental Health Month, we are launching Operation Forever Smile.





            Getting Acquainted, Building Relationships, Addressing Issues, and

            Taking Action, Networking

2.         STORY-TELLING

            Introduction, Incident, Impact, Reflection


            Nutrition/ Supplements/ AKA Wellness: Natural Organic Health

            Proper Choices, Preparation, Cooking, Enjoyment


            Qi Gong, Yoga, Tai Chi Exercises, Rhythmic Dancing


            Qi Gong, Healing Sounds, Breathing Techniques, Focused Prayer


            Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Ayurveda

7.         THE NURSE IS IN:  Health Screening, Education, Research & Outreach

                                           Nutrition & Organic, Natural Foods Education

8.        RETREATS/SPIRITUAL BONDING: " Putting God in our Midst"

9.        ENTREPRENEURSHIP (Financial Literacy and Economic Empowerment)

            Women and Minority-Owned Business 


Social Media Networking & Marketing