• Community Health Resources & Exhibitors
  • Operation Blood Pressure
  • Mobile CLINIC (Health Check Up)*
  • Bring ID & Insurance Cards, Medicare, Medicaid*


  • Richmond Hill Love Letters (Five Boro Story Project)
  • Celebrating Richmond Hill Communities
  • Mobile Library(Queens Library)


  • People’s Fun Walk with Family, Friends & Community


  • Bring your table, picnic basket (Picnic Ground is wide)
  • Free Italian Ice  for Children by RIVER FUND NEW YORK


RICHMOND HILL CULTURAL PIZZA:                                            

 A Concept Closest to the Heart of Immigrants


Richmond Hill is a “rich” enclave in New York City’s central southern Queens County, which is known to be the most richly diverse community in the world. Almost all the countries on Planet Earth are represented in Queens County. Asians comprise 24% of the population, second only to Whites (35%); and are larger than African Americans (18%), Multi-racials (14%) and Other ethnicities (13%).  It is a place like no other --- foods, arts, languages, and cultures from all parts of the world are open and available to anyone curious enough to experience the myriad mosaic of sights and sounds, music & dance, arts & crafts that only multi-cultural diversity can offer.


PIZZA! Everyone likes pizza, hot or bland, meat & cheese or vegetarian, with fruits or plain --- every culture puts in its own flavor and condiments to make it taste like “home” or comfort food.   This cultural pizza of different nationalities and cultures of Queens County will be presented at this health fair & walkathon event.  


Mission: This Fair and Cultural Pizza will herald the day of putting our marginalized and underserved immigrant communities of Richmond Hill into a more visible position so that their true needs will be assessed and addressed as effectively using all resources available and inherent to their cultures and complement those that the United States can support them with.


Objective:  To attract, encourage, and engage people from different nationalities in Queens County to participate in the health fair and walkathon, to become informed of health care, social services, legal services & financial education opportunities in the neighboring areas of Richmond Hill, particularly through PAGASA and The Nursing Office Community Center.


  • Community building
  • Cross cultural exchange
  • Honoring local cultures & heritage


Welcome to the Richmond Hill Cultural Pizza! (FAMILY FUN SUNDAY)

1) Walkathon  2) Health Fair   3) Cultural Fair   4) Family Picnic     hosted by The Nursing Office Community Center of Richmond Hill in Collaboration with the Office of Assemblyman David Weprin, The Diabetes Health and Wellness Academy of New York and the Darby Foundation, etc.


Research from Asian American Life video/Youtube, health issues update:

  1. Eating disorders (i.e., anorexia) is a leading disorder among Asian Americans, like younger Chinese Americans.
  2. Diabetes – highest among South Asians. It will make India the diabetes center of the world, as 1 in 5 Indians are diabetic, according to the SKN Foundation of Dr. Navi Mahotra.  Diabetes is also a major issue among Filipino Americans, and other ethnic groups as well.

Other issues:  Cardiovascular Health, Alcoholism, Men’s health, insurance coverage, access to health care services.




Richmond Hill Cultural Pizza: Family Fun Day


Welcome to Richmond Hill in Queens County!  One of the 'richest' enclaves of diverse cultures, in fact, the only place where all the countries of Planet Earth are represented.


We are extremely pleased to announce the Richmond Hill Cultural Pizza, which offers a Family Fun Day with a Walk, Cultural & Health Fair and Family Picnic on May 15, 2016, at 10-5pm in Smokey Oval Park, Atlantic Avenue/ Richmond Hill, NY 11418 (Corner 125 St & 95th Ave). This seeks to spotlight our marginalized and underserved immigrant communities, in the Richmond Hill district, and afford them a chance to become more visible so that their true needs could be addressed more effectively by all in the larger community concerned with their health and well-being through Community Assessment and Navigating Resources.


The Nursing Office in collaboration with the Office of Assemblyman David I. Weprin, offers your organization, agency, or company a chance to get in touch with the mostly unseen and unheard of members of our Queens family.


We would appreciate and gladly honor your presence and participation in this event with a generous sponsorship of any kind: activity, service or donation, to this initiative aimed at building our community through cross-cultural exchanges and by honoring our local cultures and their heritage.


We look forward to your joining us for a colorful and rich Richmond Hill Cultural Pizza: Family Fun Day!


For more details, you may contact:

Ludy Resurreccion, Program Director


Or visit us at



Our sincerest greetings to you: The Nurse is In.


We are pleased to announce that there will be a Family Fun Day planned for the Richmond Hill Community on May 15, 2016 in Smokey Oval Park, Atlantic Avenue (Corner 125th St and 95th Avenue) from 10 AM to 5 PM. It will be a combined, Heath & Cultural Fair, Walk and Family Picnic. This Cultural Pizza is our unique way of celebrating the rich and diverse culture from all over the world right in our midst. However, it is home to one of the most underserved communities in Queens as well.


As we look at the barriers leading to the inequity to health and other resources, the lack of knowledge related to language and other cultural factors impacts and prevents the new immigrants from navigating the maze of systems to these resources.


As health is a human right, it is our duty to ensure that health becomes available to all. We need to provide a culturally sensitive solution and this is where our youth become our best resource. We are looking at our students to become leaders in helping our immigrant communities to become the perfect liaison between their families and the resources available to them. This will not only promote closer family ties but empower students to become good leaders in the community.


This intercultural and intergenerational approach is our first step to a healthcare delivery that is effective and affordable solution for our most diverse, underserved community of Richmond Hill.


Let us be partners to this civic resolution. We invite Richmond Hill and its students to this event in any capacity as Volunteers and Leaders in this wholesome event while having fun with their families and friends. 


Myrna D. Santos, RN

Chief Nurse

The Program:

Master of Ceremonies

Indra Ali/Ludy Resurreccion/ S. Jeenarine


I   11:00 AM

     WELCOME............................................................Consuelo Almonte

                                                                         Director, Services for Aging Immigrants

     Opening Remarks ................................................Assemblyman David Weprin

     Interfaith Blessings...............................................Sikh, Hindi, Muslim, Catholic


II Cultural Program/Richmond Hill Love Letters........Bridget Bartolini

     11:00-5:00PM                                                                        Founder/ Five Boro Story Project

                                   “Celebrating Richmond Hill Communities”

         Special Award to The River Fund New York for services to Richmond Hill


III 11:30 AM.....................Walk/Mabuhay Peoples March

IV 11:00-4:00 PM .............Health Fair

V 12:00-5:00 PM…………....Family Picnic (Families bring own food) 

                                              River Fund to Sponsor SORBETES

                                              (Provide Ices for Children)

VI CLOSING/ Appreciation/Acknowledgement...........Myrna D. Santos, RN

                                                 The Nursing Office Richmond Hill Community Center


                              THANK YOU       THANK YOU  

Richmond Hill Love Letter/ Bridget Bartolini

Collaborators, Partners & Resources


Advance Cardiovascular Diagnostics

AKA Healing & Wellness Circle

Assemblyman David Weprin

Book Mobile

Choices Women's Medical Center

Continental Health Care

Community Board 9

Darby Foundation

Department of Health & Mental Hygiene, NYC

DHOL from Sikh Cultural Society

Diabetes Health and Wellness Academy

Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield

Empire Medical Services

Five Boro Story Project/Queens Library/ Bridget Bartollini

FHAA (Forest Hills Asian Association)

Fidelis Care

Friends of Richmond Hill Library

Lefferts Library

Marquis Home Care 

My Baryo, My Borough                                                                                               MK & The Neighborhood Nextdoor


Quality Health Care

The Queens Bookshop Initiative

The Queensway

Queens Memory 

Richmond Hill High School

Richmond Hill Historical Society

River Fund New York


Pizza Firms 



Papa John