The Coming of the Cross and the Sword

The Making of a Zarzuela

  1. The Perfect Picture in Script*
  2. Read & Time
  3. Invitation Letters & Communications*
  4. Release Form*
  5. Cast & Costume*
  6. Marketing Strategies & Press Releases
  7. Marketing Packet*
  8. Schedule & Program Management
  9. MOU with Sponsors/Producers
  10. Tickets & Sales*
  11. The Playbill
  12. The Journal
  13. The Rehearsal
  14. Appreciation & Awards
  15. Reviews
  16. Photos: The Bow


Elements of the Event:

I Zarzuela of Historical Novel

Literary Oration (History Telling) of a Historical Novel by Outstanding FIL-American Men & Women who have Made a Difference to the Philippines and the Fil-Am Community

Special Narrators: (To be determined, by special invitation only) 


II Showcase of Philippine Culture and Tradition( Fashion Show of Philippine Costumes & Dresses

III Showcase the graciousness of the Filipino-Americans

     Performance of Fil-Am Artists

  • Singers
  • Dancers
  • Special Talents
  • Martial Artists (Wushu/ Kali Silat)

IV  Tertulia (Intellectual/Erudite Discussion)

  • Panels
  • Interviews 

  Awards & Appreciation

  • Parangal
  • Sampaguita Award
  • People Theaters Award ( 2-3 time performers)

In Production:

Zarzuela, Queens in collaboration with St Patricks,LIC

Bata, Bata

Zarzuela, Queens, ICS/ St Nicholas Parish

Zarzuela, NYC in collaboration with AKA Wellness Circle/ San Lorenzo Ruiz

Zarzuela, Brooklyn at Williamsburg in collaboration with Yuko Nii Foundation

Zarzuela in the Garden, Volker Orth Museum