Spirituality in Nursing Practice

In the light of a different nature of service provided by nurses in the healthcare setting, it is no doubt, a vocation and profession in one.  It is a vocation in the sense that kindness and spirituality are important aspects of care. Spirituality in the practice of nursing is beneficial in two ways: first, it enhances a therapeutic nurse-patient relationship and secondly, it lightens up the nurse’s heart as she attends to the most personal level of care given by a stranger to a sick individual, without any relations at all.

Learning and Spirituality

We all learn at different levels and we learn different specialties in our lifetime. We “graduate” with different titles and careers. But learning continues past this graduation. It is a continuous process of achieving the ultimate lesson in life.  It is indeed a lifelong process, but like any other human nature, it has an end.

It doesn’t matter how long it will take us to learn, but what matters is that we reach that point of realizations, when we can truthfully and wisely say that “I understand, I accept and agree that there is a Higher Being with us “, and that we are no longer looking at what is material and human but of something beyond and spiritual.



Spiritual Workshop In Search of Higher Consciousness Dr. Prashant (Nov. 2014)

The Program: Putting God in our Midst

(How do we start from here?)

Friday Night:

  • Dinner and Dance (How to live, eat and dance with the devil)
  • Stress Reduction: The Nerve Assist Technique
  • An Evening Prayer


  • A Morning Prayer
  • Spiritual Discussion: Putting God in our midst
  • Holy Mass Celebration
  • Farewell: “Putting into practice what we learned in real life”

Personal Retreats & BIBLE STUDY SERIES: (Meeting of Mind, Body & Soul)

“Putting God in our midst”

“Draw Nearer to God”

“Dining with the Devil” (How to live with the Devil)

Take your First Lesson and build your Ark!

The Tongues:

  • Pilipino
  • Spanish
  • English

In Collaboration:

  • AKA Wellness Circle
  • Resident Chaplains
  • Mission of the Holy Eucharist
  • Abatayo Ministries
  • The Nursing Office Ministry & Chaplaincy
  • Divine Child Foundation
  • Emmanuel Prayer Group


  • San Lorenzo Ruiz/ Queens
  • ICS Retreat House/Queens
  • Toburan, Long Beach, NY
  • Cherry Hill, NJ

Date:   To be announced

Time:   Friday night to Saturday    






Chad Gatchalian

Aka de Vera

Myrna D. Santos

Ludy Resurreccion

Dr. Restituto Estacio

REFLECTIONS: Life, Rain & Mold


God gave us Life, a mystery we didn’t fully understand in the beginning until we reached the phase of great awakening from the mental self this Mind and Body controlled and dominated almost half of our Lives. Then as our phenomenal Consciousness comes, our Soul has won and our spirituality soars and guides us in this human existence and experience to prepare us for our Redemption in Heaven. God as the Ultimate Rainmaker gave us the tool to fit us in the Mission He has for us. By serendipity, we meet people in this life, but there is more to that, they are the Rain He poured on us. We received the Rain as our blessings, so we created our molds to catch them all, but isn’t it selfish and greed, after all?


Spirituality has no boarder, we receive Rain and let it flow in us, we shall share this abundance for it will continuously pour. Spiritual life is selfless, we give to others as we receive. So, let the rain pour and flow, there is no mold to catch it. Otherwise, the Mold will limit the blessings we receive, and it becomes a container and receptacle, for what?


What mold do you fit in?


MDS 12.28.18