Philippine Independence Day Parade 2017

Philippine Independence Day Parade June 2017


  • Promote Las Islas Filipinas    "You always have a part"
  • Mabuhay March/Parade
  • Promote Zarzuela Filipina (Rajah Humabon, The King and I)
  • Promote Las Islas Filipinas Journal as a Quarterly Publication

Chair Persons

  • Drs. Zal & Josie Velez (West Orange)
  • Ma. Consuelo Almonte (PCCSA, NYC)
  • Joy Theriot (United Nations, NY)
  • AKA Tito de Vera (" Ang Pagdating ng Krus at Espada", NYC)

Zarzuela " Ang Pagdating ng Krus at Espada" ("The Coming of the Cross and the Sword") Ensemble: "The Way We Were" (in costumes)

  • Princess Agana
  • Enrique
  • Lakan LapuLapu
  • Magellan
  • Rajah Humabon
  • The Natives in Las Islas T-shirt (White) and multi-colored pants
  • Intergenerational, intercultural 
  • The Children



  • Journal
  • Flags
  • Malong
  • Tshirts Las Islas Filipinas "You always have a part"
  • Pay to March

Event Management Checklist:

  1. Registration with PIDCI (Consuelo Almonte)*
  2. Email updates on Planning
  3. Parade Details(Arrangement, Motiff....The Harem of Rajah Humabon)
  4. Date & Time
  5. Flyer
  6. Instructions
  7. Marchers Registration 
  8. Volunteers 
  9. Journal (Consulate Lobby)
  10. Donations: Boxed lunch/ water/fruit
  11. Souvenirs ( Flags, Malong)

Special Edition: Philippine Independence Day                          June/July2016

Kristy Badlon (Princess Agana), and Emil Ramos (Enrique) and Princess Grace (PIDCI PARADE 2015)


Cover Page.......Enrique & Princess Agana (Kristy Badlon as Princess Agana, Emil Ramos as Enrique with guest Princess Grace)

Greetings..........Myrna D. Santos

Editorial..........Ludy Resurreccion

Special Feature... A View on Philippine Indendence/

                     Revisiting History: The Declaration of Philippine Independence

Updates & News..Las Islas Filipinas Emerging

The Immigrant Filipinos ..Nilda Jaynal: The Leader of Leaders

Las Islas Filipinas Chronicles .. FAHNS: Weaving Fil-American Communities in New York