The Golden Girls

"The Graying New Yorker"


Does impending parental mortality look any different from the eyes of their children?Traditional Filipino, Filipino-American, or cosmopolitan New Yorker? 


Death can be a comedic illusion, as no one really "dies" and parents & ancestors live on in our genes and DNA, like cutting-edge DNA technology has graphically & scientifically established (See's series, "Finding Your Roots," by Prof. Henry Louis Gates, Jr.).  The Ancients have known this all along; hence elaborate rituals honoring Ancestors have always been an integral essence of every indigenous or ethnic culture in the world.


The graying New Yorker, living longer and spinning life as never before, must also confront this transition from being just a Parent or relative to that of becoming an Ancestor. The person (or memory of) plays beyond physical life as indeed, we can and have become Who our parents and/or ancestors were.


As America "grays up" along with the world's elderly, death as a comedic illusion in this play focuses a "spotlight" on this transition process and tinges it with wise, balmy laughter and soothing hilarity.


Ludy Resurreccion/ Program Director

April, 2016

The Golden Girls: "Tuloy ang Ligaya"

We honored them at Parangal Awards (2013)
Enjoying the Golden Years Continues.. 2016

What Golden Girls can do!

Juliet Oberlin:"The Facebook Lola"


Pre-Launching Event to PCCSA

Thanksgiving Dinner & Art Show 

"Dinner with the Devil"

Nov. 19,2016,3-5 PM (Saturday)

Dragon Gallery New York

Phillipine Community Center

115-03 Atlantic Avenue, Richmond Hill, NY 11418



  • Dinner with the Devil  by Enricos Foods
  • Art Show: Satanic Desire (Putting God in our Midst)
  • Entertainment
  • Satanic Rhapsody in Piano by Bienvenido Bones Banez
  • Literary Exercises
  • Poetry Reading of Satanic Verses
  • Saving the Golden Girls (& Boys)